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Athletic Forms

Click HERE for some basic information regarding our sports program. 

Our SGMS athletic registration is an online process completed at Instructions are below for completion of your student's athletic registration. All students must complete this online, and upload your physical form, which is available in the PDF below.This process is for all incoming and returning students for the 2024-2025 school year.
In preparation for the 2024-2025 school year and athletic participation, the deadline for completion of the Athletic Clearance process will be prior to your student's first tryout or practice for their first sport.
Please follow the instructions below in the packet, which includes a physical form to take to your doctor to be physically cleared for participation. Briefly, the instructions are as follows:
1. Click here for Athletic Clearance at
2. Watch short tutorial video, then register for a new account. Verify account and then log in.
3. Student Registration/Login:
    New or current to SGMS: Parents register with valid email, username & password. You will be asked to type in code to verify you are human. If this step is skipped your account will NOT activate.
** If you have multiple students each one will need a seperate account***
4. Registration is for the 2024-2025 school year
5. Choose the first sport of interest for your student. (Multiple sports can be selected at end of registration)
6. Proceed through all fields to input information.
7. Read all forms and submit acknowledgment of each form (parent and student-athlete).
8. Take a photo or scan physical form (FRONT & BACK), which must be stamped, signed and dated by doctor.
9. Upload physical to complete clearance. (If unable to upload, please have student bring to athletic dept to file)
10. Upon completion, CONFIRMATION message will be sent to verify completion.
11. MULTIPLE SPORTS: If your student is interested in trying out for a sport each season, you must complete a NEW CLEARANCE for each sport. Select YEAR, SCHOOL and new SPORT, and the rest of your information will auto-fill.
Click HERE for the Calendar for Event Dates and Times

Softball- 1st Quarter

Cross Country/  Girls Volleyball- 1st-2nd Quarter

Flagfootball- 2nd Quarter
Mountain Bike- 2nd-4th Quarter
Basketball- 3rd Quarter

Archery- 3rd-4th Quarter

Soccer- 4th Quarter
Boys Volleyball ( TBD ) 
All students that intend to participate in any athletic program for San Gorgonio Middle School must have health insurance. This health insurance is required to cover any potential injury that may occur due to participation in competitive sports. If health insurance is not provided by an employer, or your family does not currently have health insurance, the following are options for obtaining coverage:

Myers-Stevens Insurance: You may download a brochure for this insurance coverage HERE (click HERE for Spanish version) or call 800-827-4695 for information.

Upon obtaining insurance coverage from any of these sources, please complete the emergency information in your student's athletic packet by writing your insurance provider, policy # and phone # on it.

Click HERE (click HERE for Spanish version) for additional information regarding student accident insurance.