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Principal's Message

Hello Hurricane Families, 


I am humbled and excited to accept the position of Principal at San Gorgonio Middle School. I look forward to a productive year filled with fun, engaging activities, insightful lessons, and collaboration that brings us all closer together.  


As I’ve said many times over, San Gorgonio Middle School should be a place where ALL students have opportunities to excel in different areas. We believe we must provide high-quality educational opportunities for students in all classes and we must also provide an engaging environment for students to connect and collaborate in positive and meaningful ways. We believe that a positive culture can be the engine to thrust our school forward. I look forward to the opportunity to foster this environment for  years to come.


At SGMS, students are also expected to learn at high levels. We follow the state-adopted content standards and provide rigorous lessons for students. We believe there is no substitute for hard work. We believe that every hardworking student should also be met by a hardworking adult who is willing to support and help that student achieve their goals. We want to partner with our students and families to find ways to help them be successful. Education is a shared commitment among school and community. We look forward to partnering with you.


Most importantly, San Gorgonio Middle School believes in a growth mindset for everyone. We believe we are all learning and growing each day. We want to collaborate together, grow together, and have positive experiences that inspire others. This is how we make our community a better place one day at a time. We want our students to leave SGMS with a positive experience and solid foundation for a successful future. 

As I embark on this new journey as Principal, I ask our students and families to take advantage of all that SGMS has to offer. Our theme for the year is to “Go First!” and “Be the Change.” In this spirit, we ask students to step out boldly and get involved in a sport or club or activity that will help to build our school community stronger. Be part of the positivity that happens every day at SGMS. 

I look forward to seeing our families at SGMS events throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything.




Chris Horton

Site Principal

San Gorgonio Middle School

[email protected]